Can you hear them?

If you really try, you can. Somewhere between the din of a Monday traffic jam and the crescendo of clinking glasses on a Saturday night. Coming through the ground. Rising through that last layer of gravel, into your bones.

They're Echoes of Earth.


And then, your feet will start to move.


It's time to walk towards them. Where wide expanses of lush foliage will be embellished with our finest gift to the

Earth - Music. Echoes of Earth is a celebration of music and Earth. A festival that acknowledges the need for sustainable living. A festival that does this whilst commemorating the beauty that is music.


150 Acres

40+ Artists

3 Stages

1 Earth

Spread across 150 acres of green vistas, Echoes of Earth is the epicenter of artistic convergence. The festival will see over 40+ international and Indian artists and musicians come together to display their aural wares and artistic expressions.


It will also feature workshops conducted on music, wellness, and the green lifestyle. Another hallmark of Echoes of Earth will be the museum of lost instruments - a celebration of musical tools of yore that have come to be lost and buried under the digital mass that we've come to make our habitat today.


At Echoes of Earth, architects and artists from the world over will collaborate to showcase their art using solely their skills, and the practices of upcycling and recycling.


India's first ecologically-crafted music festival. And then, your feet will start to move.


The Echoes of Earth festival believes in the Earth to Earth philosophy which entails a deep commitment to the planet. The goal is to give something back to every single one of these 150 acres that will host us.

Echoes of Earth


School's out

At Echoes of Earth, you and your family can be part of exceptionally-curated workshops by some of the best musicians in the world.



You can also partake in health and wellness workshops, organic food workshops, and more.



This is the most creative way to educate yourself on the ideas and practices of an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.


Echoes of Earth is the brainchild of Swordfish and Watson’s. Swordfish is an innovation agency with a global footprint in the event and marketing space; known for its expertise in music and musicians, art and technology. Watson’s is a popular neighborhood bar, known for its culture of bonhomie, good times, and passion for music.


A mutual love of music, appreciation for India’s musical heritage, a sense of community, and concern for the environment brings the two businesses together for a common cause: the festival – Echoes of Earth.


They're getting louder

At Echoes of Earth, you may expect nothing but the finest in festival experiences, all hosted in a habitat that is conducive to escaping the humdrum of urban life. Whether you are the lone wolf or the social magnet, there?s plenty to discover and experience at Echoes of Earth.


So now. Tell us. Can you hear them?






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