FAQs - General

  • What is Echoes of Earth?

    Echoes of Earth is India’s first ecologically-crafted music festival. Echoes of Earth believes in the Earth to Earth philosophy which entails a deep commitment to the planet.

  • When is it happening?

    01 & 02 December 2018

  • Where is it happening?

    Embassy International Riding School, Bengaluru

  • How do i attend the festival?

    You can buy the festival tickets on Bookmyshow

  • Should I carry an ID card?

    Yes, we insist on ID cards for attendees of all ages.

  • What is the re-entry policy?

    Re-entry is allowed as long as you have your band.

  • Will I know then my favorite artist policy? Do I get a schedule?

    We will release the schedule soon.

  • How hot will it get during the day and how cold will it get in the night?

    We are in a lush green open air set-up. Bangalore is known for its pleasant weather,however we suggest you carry sunscreen and caps to beat the heat during the day. To deal with the cool breeze and chill air don’t forget your jackets and shawls.

  • How do I keep myself healthy at the festival?

    Keep yourself hydrated at the event. With all the dancing and jumping around you don’t want to drain yourself out. We have arranged for water for all the people, ensure you have your bottle full at all times.

  • What are the emergency services available at the venue?

    First Aid, Ambulance, Fire Engine, etc

  • Will there be an information booth?

    An information booth will be located at the festival venue. We will share the information number in case you want to talk to us.

  • Where should I go if I lose something?

    Lost & Found Counter

  • How is the accessibility for disabled guests?

    The venue land is a natural woodland. We do not have any ramps at the venue.

  • I am not a photographer but I click as a hobby? Can I do that?

    Yes, we promote people to click away at our festival. Do remember to respect others privacy and space though. You can share the pictures with us through our hashtags.

  • Are merchandise available at the venue?

    We will be selling Echoes of Earth merchandise at the venue. We have quirky t-shirts and much more.

  • Is there parking for people coming to the festival?

    Yes. We have parking for cars. Do come early to not miss a spot.

  • Is the parking free?

    The parking is chargeable.

  • Can I use my credit card and/or debit card inside the festival?

    Our festival is card friendly. Cards are the only plastic we promote.

  • Are there ATM booths inside the festival?

    ATM booths are available around the venue for non-plastic purchases.

  • Are there cabs and public transport around the festival?


  • Will there be payphones?

    The venue has network coverage availability. We however do not have payphones.