Echoes of Earth is an endeavour to celebrate the diversity of music and culture from across the globe with a focus on sustainable living, eco-design and eco-adaptations entailing a deep commitment to the sustenance and preservation of Earth. The entire festival is largely produced using upcycled & recycled concepts, which present themselves as large stages and installations.


Sapling Drive

As a green principle of the festival, we plant a sapling for every ticket purchased.

Biodegradable cutlery

The festival strictly follows a no plastic philosophy and uses only biodegradable cutlery which contributes to a sustianable living.

Waste Management

We work towards a robust waste management system by minimising the amount of waste generated and managing to recycle the waste collection

Eco friendly signages and banner

All festival signages and banners are made out of felled wood and eco friendly paint.

RO Water filters

To reduce the plastic consumption in the festival we have installed RO water filters across the festival so you can reuse your water bottles.

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Family Friendly

Why not make this a family affair? There’s plenty on offer for families at Echoes of Earth. Take to the barricades for your favourite artist, lounge under a canopy of trees, take a walk, learn something, meet new people. At Echoes Of Earth, you decide what you want to do. Experience the festival as a unit, or disperse to find your own calling.

Pet Friendly

Why should your furry little friend miss out on the fun? We have plenty of pet-friendly zones at Echoes of Earth, where your pet can mingle with the crowd and even make new friends. All we ask is for you to carry scoopers and bags to help you clean up after him. And remember, it gets cold in the night, so you may want to get warm clothes not just for you,

but also for your pet.

Food & Beverage

Renowned chefs from across Bangalore have come together to create a bespoke menu with an earth to earth focus. They are making sure they convey that healthy food can also be tasty. Gear up your taste buds for a roller-coaster experience.

Please remember that we have certain rules in place to ensure that we not only leave the venue as clean as it was when we got there, but also to have you back next year. Here are some very basic rules for

 Echoes of Earth.



  • Carry your own reusable water bottles. We have plenty of water filters on site
  • Wear warm clothes as it gets cold at night
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Don’t leave any waste behind
  • Carry mobile power banks for your phone
  • Remember to have a great time



  • Don’t carry any food items such as chips or candy bars
  • Don’t litter
  • Say no to drugs. We may be a green festival, but we don’t propagate and won’t allow that kind of green


Do's & Dont's

Getting there

  • Cross the Yelahanka Air force station’s main gate and drive for 2.5 Kms.
  • Turn left at MVIT junction.
  • Drive for about 2 Kms.
  • Listen.
  • When the sounds of the city die, and the song of nature comes seeping through the trees, you’ll know you’re there.

  • If you’re still unsure, follow the signs after the left at MVIT.











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